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Our Columbus Ohio Product Warranties

You can have peace of mind with warranties on your new fence or gate!

Manufacturer Warranty

Many of our fence, gate, and security solutions manufacturers provide warranties on their products for your peace of mind! Depending on the individual manufacturer and the specific fence, gate, or security solution for your particular project, the manufacturer warranty may differ. Speak with a member of our team to learn about the specific details of your manufacturer warranty.

Workmanship Warranty

Our craftsmanship year warranty covers defects in workmanship for one (1) year after installation date of completion. The warranty is extended to the original owner and is non-transferable. If any person, firm, or corporation other than Bowden Fence performs or attempts to perform any repairs, modifications, or other changes rather than the original intended purpose of the completed work, then this warranty will become null and void.

After prolonged exposure to outdoor environments, all fence products will experience some gradual fading, weathering, and settling over time; these conditions are considered normal and are not covered under this warranty. Bowden Fence uses only prime lumber materials but makes no warranty that wood products will not naturally warp or split over time. If you require repairs to a fence constructed with wood products, which are due to warping, splitting (less than 8" long), or any other natural characteristic of wood, labor charges will apply. Furthermore, treated lumber will at times appear green in color due to the chemical curing process. This is expected to fade over time, however warranty on this coloration will also not apply. Although we generally purchase lumber materials from the same sources to ensure consistency, we do not guarantee consistency in coloration.

Fence Repair Service Warranty

Our fence repair service warranty covers materials and workmanship for all repairs performed for 90 days following the completion of the repair work. The warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by acts of God, weather, incidental damage by humans or pets, or impact or other conditions beyond our control.

Workmanship Warranty Terms

Some fence materials, gate operators, and access control devices are warrantied by the manufacturer of these products. In all such cases, the manufacturer's warranty shall supersede the Bowden Fence Warranty even if the manufacturer's warranty is shorter in duration than the Bowden Fence warranty. Warranty information for these products will be supplied on an "as-requested" basis. Failure on the part of the owner/ client to request, and become familiar with said warranty does not obligate Bowden Fence in any way.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by Acts of God, weather, incidental damage by humans or pets, and impact or other conditions beyond our control. Wind damage to gates not properly closed or not securely latched also are not covered. All repair service work is under warranty for 90 days. The service warranty covers materials and workmanship for all repairs performed.

The above warranty coverage is null and void if 1) you've made any structural damage to the fence after installation, 2) any outstanding payments are due or failure to pay in full, and 3) our fence plaque was removed for any reason (new installs only).

Warranty Request Procedure

Warranty requests must be received by Bowden Fence in writing, either by sending an email to, or by mail to Bowden Fence Company, Attn: Warranty Request, 1560 Harmon Avenue, Columbus Ohio 43223. Requests must include the name of the owner, address of installation, approximate date of installation, description of the issue requested to be warrantied, and owner contact info including phone number. Warranty requests not submitted in this manner may not be addressed.