Columbus Ohio fence contractor

Bowden FenceTerms of Service Agreement:

Niekamp Fence LLC DBA Bowden Fence Company

1. Purchaser Authority:

The purchaser warrants that he/she has the legal right to permit the erection of the products specified hereunder or has the authorization from the legal owner of premises involved.

2. Validity of Quotes

All quotes are good for 30 days.

3. Non-Refundable Deposits

All deposits for work agreed to via our signed contract & material only orders are non-refundable.

4. Workmanship Warranty Guarantee

Bowden Fence Company agrees to guarantee the fence erected to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. For complete warranty details please visit our website or email

5. Installation Attendance

Bowden Fence warrants that all homeowners and commercial contacts be present during the first day of installation & the final day of installation to ensure all jobsite layouts are agreed upon and adhered to. Any lack of presence will not be the responsibility of Bowden Fence to determine fence placement.

6. Lead Times

We do our best to set proper expectations on any lead times for installation. Lead times are based on when the project material deposit (if applicable) is received. Bowden Fence won't assume any liability for not hitting an external deadline.

7. Permitting

Each city or township each has their own unique permitting requirements required to build fencing. To be in good standing with each municipality, it's our duty to verify that all permitting requirements are adhered to. Therefore, if a customer would like to take care of their own permitting, they are welcome to do so but all verification paperwork must be submitted to us prior to your scheduled install date.

8. Property Lines

Bowden Fence will assist the customer, upon request in determining where the fence is to be erected, but under no circumstances does Bowden assume responsibility concerning property lines or in any way guarantee their accuracy. Where property lines are not indicated by surface marks or stakes, no responsibility shall reside with Bowden by reason of erecting fences on incorrect lines. If property pins cannot be located, it is recommended that the customer have the property surveyed.

9. Underground Utilities

Bowden will assume the responsibility for having underground public utilities located and marked. However, we assume no responsibility for unmarked sprinkler lines, or any other unmarked buried lines or objects. The customer will assume all liability for any damage caused by directing Bowden Fence to dig in the immediate vicinity of known utilities.

If our initial fence layout proposes that the fence be erected over major utility lines, we will suggest an alternative fence location to complete your installation in a safe manner. An additional option would be to utilize an outside vendor to perform hydro drilling which is less invasive on the utility lines, which would incur an additional charge and a change order that the homeowner would be responsible for.

10. Change Orders or Delays

Any change orders or delay changes to the initial agreed upon estimate or delays caused by the purchaser, will incur additional charges including, but not limited to, $400 trip charge, plus time & materials made to the signed contract. Delays resulting in us not being able to get started on the job in a timely manner will result in a $500 per hour delay fee.

11. Clearing Fence Lines

Customer agrees to remove all trees/ shrubs/ poison ivy/ poison oak to prepare for installation. If not removed ahead of time, additional fees may be added to the final bill.

12. Exterior Preservation

Bowden Fence will do our best to not disturb any existing landscaping on the property. However, our work involves a lot of equipment, material & field labor in order to erect or tear down fences and can't guarantee that all shrubs/ flowers/ landscaping/ irrigation will not be harmed. It's the responsibility of the homeowner or commercial contact to put up any necessary barriers to protect any existing landscaping. In addition, we'll do our best to clean up debris caused by our work but fully anticipate stray materials left behind from time to time.

13. Dirt Removal

Unless previously agreed upon, Bowden Fence will not remove dirt from the property caused by digging and is the property owner's responsibility to dispose of or haul to another area .

14. Tear Out & Haul Away

Our typical policy is to cut posts at the base of the soil for tear out. If you'd prefer the entire post be removed, then additional labor will need applied to the project. From time to time, an onsite dumpster will be added to a jobsite

15. Core Drilling

Core drilling into concrete or asphalt to set posts will lead to additional debris onsite. If a “finished” appearance is desired it's recommended that our installation be followed by a concrete or asphalt finishing contractor.

16. Wood Fences

Treated wood & cedar pickets are a natural material and are subject to ¼-½” shrinkage when fully dried. Depending on weather conditions & seasonality in the midwest, a fully dry fence should present itself within 3-4 months.

17. Wooden Caps

It should be assumed that all wood fences will be estimated without wooden caps included, unless otherwise detailed on the estimate.

18. Painting/ Staining

Unless the quote specifies, Bowden does not perform any painting or staining services and should assume that the final product will be natural wood.

19. Debris

We will do our best to remove all debris & nails from our installation, but expect to find a few stray items post- project completion from time to time.

20. Installation in Dirt

Unless the estimate specifies otherwise, this contract assumes we are installing into dirt. If installing in turf, concrete, asphalt or masonry, there will be a change order to do so. The fence construction will be erected to follow the contours of the grade of the land, unless otherwise specified by our customer.

21. Inclement Weather

We do our best to schedule efficiently with our customer's needs in mind. However, in the event of inclement weather, we'll need to adjust our scheduling to accommodate the working conditions of our crews. Therefore, Bowden Fence reserves the right to modify or reschedule an estimated work date at any time.

22. Plaques

Bowden Fence will add a branding plaque on every full fence installation for branding purposes. The lack of this plaque voids all future warranty.

23. Photos

Photos of completed work may appear in Bowden Fence's marketing materials, social media and/or website or a combination of all. Use of such photos to highlight completed jobs are subject to Bowden Fence.

24. Final Bill

The final bill will be based on the actual footage of fencing built and work performed. Adjustments for materials used on this job and adjustments for labor will be charged or credited at the currently established rates. Additional charges for any work not covered in this contract that was requested by the customer will also be added. The full amount of this contract along with any additional charges will become payable upon completion of all work whether or not it has been invoiced.

25. Prevailing Wage

Unless otherwise noted, all estimates are based off of our standard labor rate. If prevailing wage labor needs to be factored into the estimate, we reserve the right to re-quote based on that.

26. Balance Due

The balance is fully due within 15 days of job completion. Any balance unpaid after 15 days will incur a late penalty of 10% of the balance due amount for every month outstanding. All materials will remain the property of Bowden Fence until all invoices pertaining to this job are paid in full. Right of access and removal is granted to Bowden Fence in the event of non-payment under the terms of this contract. The customer agrees to pay all interest and any costs incurred in the collection of this debt.