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In Columbus Ohio, we present an array of gate solutions tailored to cater to the unique security and functional requirements of local businesses and industrial facilities. Our collection features barrier gates, perfect for regulating vehicle movement in busy areas, and cantilever gates, known for their seamless movement in areas unsuitable for standard swing gates. Additionally, we offer both single and double swing gates that combine convenient access with strong security.

Our slide gates are a superb option for areas where space is at a premium, providing secure access without needing additional room for operation. Moreover, we excel in creating custom-designed chain link gates, each specifically crafted to meet the individual security needs and design preferences of your commercial establishment.

Our commercial gate options in Columbus Ohio are designed with performance and security in mind, ensuring reliable control over access to your facilities and robust protection for your assets.

Commercial Gates - Columbus Ohio

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Barrier commercial Gates - Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioCommercial Barrier Gates

Commercial barrier gates are essential for managing access in high-traffic areas. Designed for durability and reliability, they effectively control vehicle flow, enhancing security and safety. Ideal for parking lots, industrial sites, and controlled entry points, these gates are a vital component for orderly and secure operations in any commercial setting.

Cantilever commercial Gates - Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioCommercial Cantilever Gates

In Columbus Ohio, our commercial cantilever gates offer a seamless and efficient solution for businesses requiring sturdy and space-saving entryways. These gates glide smoothly along a trackless design, perfect for areas where traditional swinging gates aren't feasible. They're ideal for secure, hassle-free access in various commercial settings, combining practicality with modern design.

Double swing commercial Gates - Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioCommercial Double Swing Gates

Our double swing commercial gates in Columbus Ohio provide expansive access for larger entrances, with a focus on a functional and durable solution. These gates are perfect for accommodating wider passages in commercial settings, offering robust security without compromising on ease of access.

Swing commercial Gates - Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio Swing Commercial Gates

In Columbus Ohio, our commercial swing gates are designed for reliability and ease of use. Ideal for various business entrances, they offer a balance of security and accessibility, tailored to fit the specific needs and layout of any commercial property.

Slide commercial Gates - Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio Slide Commercial Gates

Our commercial slide gates in Columbus Ohio are the ultimate solution for space efficiency and security. Engineered for smooth operation, they are perfect for properties with limited space, providing a secure barrier that's both practical and visually appealing.

Custom Fabricated Chain Link Gates

Our custom-fabricated chain link gates, crafted by our expert in-house welder, offer a tailor-made fit for any property in Columbus Ohio.

Each gate is meticulously designed to meet specific dimensions and requirements, ensuring a perfect match with existing fencing. These gates reflect precision and craftsmanship, providing a unique, secure, and durable solution that's precisely aligned with your needs.

Commercial Gates - Columbus Ohio

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Installing a commercial gate offers several benefits, including enhanced security, controlled access, increased privacy, and improved aesthetics. A commercial gate acts as a physical barrier, preventing unauthorized entry and providing a secure environment for your business. It also allows you to control who enters your property, ensuring only authorized personnel or visitors gain access.

We offer several types of commercial gates, including swing gates, sliding gates, vertical pivot gates, and vertical lift gates. Swing gates open inward or outward like a door, sliding gates move horizontally along a track, and vertical lift gates rise vertically. Each type has its advantages and suitability based on your specific needs and available space.

Yes, commercial gates can be automated for added convenience and security. By installing a gate operator and access control system, you can easily open and close your gate with the push of a button, a keypad entry, a card reader, or through a smartphone app. Automation allows for seamless access control and eliminates the need for manual operation.

The cost of a commercial gate installation can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of gate, the materials used, the size of the gate, and any additional features. It's difficult to provide a definitive estimate for your Columbus Ohio commercial gate until we gather up all the details of your project. Reach out to our team to receive a free comprehensive estimate.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of a commercial gate. Maintenance tasks may include lubricating hinges and rollers, inspecting and adjusting the gate opener system, cleaning the gate and its components, and checking for any signs of wear or damage. It's advisable to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and schedule routine maintenance visits by a professional gate service provider.

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