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Columbus Ohio Let Bowden Fence be your trusted partner for entry systems and access control solutions in the Columbus Ohio region.

From electronic key card systems to advanced intercom and video surveillance systems, we provide the tools you need to regulate and monitor access to your Columbus Ohio property effectively. Our access control solutions and entry systems offer a seamless integration of technology and convenience, empowering you to control entry points, restrict unauthorized access, and maintain a secure environment.

Whether you need assistance installing an access control system on your existing gate or need a new system built from the ground up, the team at Bowden Fence has you covered. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your access control needs are in capable hands.

Gate Access Control - Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioOur Access Control Systems

Access control system company in Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioKeycard Access Control Systems

Commercial properties in the Columbus Ohio area can benefit from contactless keycards, making it easy to allow access to approved employees and visitors.

Access control system company in Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioFob Access Control Systems

Our fob access control systems provide secure authorization for gate unlocking, granting safe and secure access to your business.

Access control system company in Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioMobile App Access Control Systems

Our app access control systems offer an easy and secure way to control access to your gates, allowing authorized users to enter using their mobile devices.

Access control system company in Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioElectronic and Wireless Lock Access Control Systems

Managing commercial gate access in Columbus Ohio has never been easier than with wireless lock technology.

Access control system company in Columbus Ohio

Columbus OhioBiometric Access Control Systems

Our biometric access control systems provide secure authorization through approved user fingerprints or iris identification.

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Gate access control refers to systems that regulate and manage entry into a property. It can include methods like keypad entry, card readers, or biometric authentication to ensure only authorized individuals can access the premises.

Yes, gate access control systems can be customized to fit your specific needs at your Columbus Ohio home or business. Depending on the level of security required and the number of users, you can choose from a variety of access control options to create a tailored solution for your property.

Gate access control systems can be very secure, as they require some form of identification to enter or exit a property. However, the level of security will depend on the specific system you choose and how it is implemented. The strength of the automatic gate the access control system is installed on can also impact the security of an access control system.

The cost of a gate access control system will depend on the type of system you choose, the number of gates you need to control, and the level of customization required. On average, a gate access control system in Columbus Ohio can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Yes, many gate access control systems can be installed on existing gates, although some modifications may be required. It is best to consult with a professional fence company to determine the best solution for your specific needs. We can help you decide how to best customize your existing gate.

Yes, gate access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems. Integration with video surveillance systems allows for video verification of individuals entering or exiting the property. Integration with alarm systems can trigger alerts or notifications when unauthorized access attempts are detected. Furthermore, integration with visitor management systems enables efficient visitor registration and tracking. The ability to integrate different security systems provides a comprehensive and cohesive approach to property security.

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